About us

We live on a small hobby farm in the beautiful town of Bridgetown in Western Australia’s South West.

My husband Ivan is semi retired and looks after our guests at our Bed and Breakfast, whilst I have a “real” job in the Community. We love our town and our gorgeous home, however we also share a passion for travel which ties in beautifully with our appreciation of good food. We remember all our holiday destinations by what we have eaten eg the most delicious Sacher Torte in Vienna, the sublime Creme Brûlée at The Lido in Paris, our first ever Nasi Lemak experience on our last day in Penang and the list goes on and on!

Having said that, we opt for a healthy 0lifestyle, being as active as we can be, and enjoy cooking at home for ourselves, friends and family. We grow veggies seasonally, raise chickens and have access to great local produce.

We like to take off as often as time and money permits. Our travel is always based on a good deal/airfare which has taken us to destinations that we may never have considered otherwise, for example Kuching when everyone else was going to Sabah, Bologna when everyone else was going to Rome. The same goes for our accommodation – from castles, to tree houses, to matchbox size apartments, it’s all part of the fun for us and I can honestly say I can’t recall a holiday that we didn’t enjoy – we go with no expectation and appreciate everything .

As the majority of our travel is budget style we do allow splurges where possible along the way! Hopefully on our forth coming trip we may get to experience a Michelin Star Restaurant in the Basque area….who knows. We love to immerse ourselves in the culture of the places that we visit, soaking up the local atmosphere and food, and getting to know the locals. I feel so lucky to be going on this big adventure with my best friend, (daggy I know) but true and can’t wait to share our experiences.