Sleepy Sunday on Syros

Its Sunday and we decide to take the bus from our Villa in Poseidonia to the main town on Syros – Erminpolou. We understand this could be no mean feat.

We walk through the farms to the bus stop near the beach and study the timetable, but wisely know not to rely on this information. It’s another beautiful day on Syros, the wind is dropping and the skies are blue. We sit by the waters edge, and stare at the beautiful view, waiting and waiting and waiting…. a steady stream of traffic pass us by, but no bus.

We ask a couple of locals if the bus is due, they shrug. We get it, this is Syros out of season.

We decide to go for a walk along the foreshore and come across another local. We chat to him and ask about the buses hopefully. We like his answer better, he thinks one may be coming soon. We make a dash back to the road to wait a little longer, just in case.

Our morning’s persistence pays off – the bus is coming -yippee! It’s quite a jolly ride into town, men and women are chatting and laughing with the bus driver, but we are oblivious as they are all speaking in Greek.

It takes about half an hour to reach Erminpolou and we set off to explore.

We wander about and come across the town hall in the main square which is probably the most impressive building in Ermoupoli. It’s surrounded by cafes and restaurants and in true European tradition is a popular meeting place for families and friends to hang out. We consider a lunch stop but decide to head up the steps to the old town first. Our host Nik has told us that it was built by the Venetians.

As we make our way up we notice the medieval atmosphere in the old town. No traffic, millions of marble steps, colourful houses and doorways and a cat at every turn. We eventually reach the cathedral of St George at the top where we enjoy a panoramic view of the Port and neighbouring islands – we are so glad we made the effort.

We rest up and enjoy a light lunch in one of the cute little cafes and then head back down the many, many steps to rejoin Brenda and Paul for the bus trip home.

It was a lovely way to spend our Sunday afternoon in Syros and we look forward eagerly to our next 1.90 Euro bus adventure.

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