The Good Life

We are fortunate to be staying for a week at The Good Life villas which are situated on Syros Island, Greece.

It’s a small farm dating back to the 1800s, in the village of Poseidonia and our host Nik proudly tells us that this is where the locals live.

Nik has stocked the fridge in our villa with necessities but kindly offers to take us shopping for further supplies. We head off to the local green grocer first for veggies, more eggs and olives. Next stop, the butcher where Nik helps with translation and introduces us to the local Syros sausages flavoured with dill and in true Greek style, we also buy a leg of goat for a Sunday roast. When we get to the supermarket there is a bit of a holdup getting a parking spot. We wait and watch a rather large delivery truck getting in first. He manages to take out some pipework and signage as he goes. No one seemed phased by the hold up. Last stop, the Pharmacy, whilst there I make the crazy decision to hop on their scales. Ouch!

We’ve worked up quite an appetite doing the shopping so as soon as we get home, Paul whips up a plate of local sardines for a light lunch. We sit on the deck, under the shade of the olive trees whilst enjoying the ocean view. Such a dilemma, shall we open a bottle of wine? Why not? No wonder this place is called The Good Life.

After lunch, Brenda mentions that she wouldn’t mind a coffee and it doesn’t take much to twist Ivan’s arm when someone mentions coffee. We head off to the nearest village which is approximately 10-15 minutes away on foot. We stroll through the olive farms and pomegranate orchards to get to the road along the beach. Theres no wind, the sun is shining and we’re in a protected bay, it’s lovely.

We walk further up the hill to the small strip of tavernas and cafes in the village and we decide on a coffee in one of Nik’s recommendation (good choice). Sitting amongst the local families enjoying their lunch we notice there are no tourists here. I eye off one of the many dishes on the next table and ask the waiter what the interesting cigar shaped morsels are that they are eating- he says they are ham and cheese pies? We’ve only just scoffed lunch, and remembering those nasty scales, I make a mental note to try those next time. We see that they are drinking Ouzo with their meal. After coffee we make a beeline to the mini mart to buy Ouzo so that we too can indulge in this local tradition. The Villa is well and truly stocked now.

Back to the farm for Siesta time. Ivan is the only one of us that gets into full on sleeping, snoring Siesta mode. Brenda, Paul and I chill out, playing with our devices, catching up with family, reading and relaxing.

Tomorrow we plan to catch the local bus to the main town – Ermoupoli, which is approximately 9kms away. The timetable is written in Greek and we’re not sure how strictly they keep to the timetable, especially as it’s Sunday. Wish us luck!

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